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Portrait Of A Young Man

An acrylic painting exercise using the Munsell Grey Scale; there are actually ten tones between white and black in this painting. This is a science-fiction reboot of “Portrait of a young man in a red cap (Carlo Neroni)” by Rennnaissance painter, Jacopo Pontormo (1529). The atrocities we commit at art school! The original oil painting … Continue reading

Book Design in a Time Machine (1918 to 2005)

My two short stories have come back from Blurb. They have been bound in hardback with dust jackets at a standard trade size. Overall I am pretty happy with the quality of the sample, though as always, I would have loved more time to explore the design possibilities. I developed these two pieces to practice … Continue reading

Guerilla Knitting, Graffiti and Mailbox Galleries

I went on a rainy art crawl with some of the the illustration students from NMIT yesterday, checking out the street art in the laneways around Melbourne’s CBD. We explored some offbeat artist-run spaces, including Platform under Flinders Street Station and micro-galleries like Mailbox 141 and TwentybyThirty. Some of the pieces included in this photo gallery are … Continue reading

"Kaarroooomm!" (Fuel for Illustration Friday)

This week’s Illustration Friday topic is Fuel. The characters are sneaking around an airport hangar and firing up a blimp. It is a bit terrifying that the kid was allowed to push down the lever. I think protective services would be on to the father pretty quickly for not supplying safety glasses and a flame-retardant … Continue reading

The World Afloat – Artwork Complete!

Hooray, the paintings for my picture book are complete! Here is a sneak peek at some of the spreads from The World Afloat. The next couple of weeks will be spent on digital clean-up and book layout. It will all be off to the printer by the end of October. I used Adobe Kuler to develop … Continue reading

One for the Beach

A bottle label for a boutique wine being launched in November. The black areas will be cut out to create a triangular beach-hut shape on the bottle. The artwork was rendered using watercolour, a medium I rarely ever use. Each blend of the brand is associated with different summer holiday destinations or activities – in … Continue reading

The Wall of Westralia

The Illustration Friday topic this week is Boundaries. I have not been consistently working on the picture spreads for The World Afloat so the IF topic this week inspired me to get started on the artwork for page 16/17. The story is set in an alternative future Australia that has been divided into three rival countries by … Continue reading

August Life Drawing

A three-hour portrait sitting and some quick poses of burlesque performer Rosy Rabbit (Dr Sketchy’s). Painted with red wine in five minutes


I am working on some illustrations for a short story based in the early 1900s and have been researching book design from this period. This is back in the day when books had cloth covers, gold leaf detailing and frontispieces. Ex-Libris is Latin for “from the books (of)…” Book plates or Ex-Libris were small hand-designed name … Continue reading

The World Afloat – Storyboards

The World Afloat is about hoping for change and seeking out the things that we are missing. The story takes place in an alternative future where ever rising flood waters have divided Australia into three rival nations – Westralia, Fort Victoria and Freeland. The project is aimed at 7-12 year old boys and will be … Continue reading