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"Kaarroooomm!" (Fuel for Illustration Friday)

This week’s Illustration Friday topic is Fuel. The characters are sneaking around an airport hangar and firing up a blimp. It is a bit terrifying that the kid was allowed to push down the lever. I think protective services would be on to the father pretty quickly for not supplying safety glasses and a flame-retardant suit.

This illustration is one of a series that will feature on my new business cards. The cards will be a narrow landscape format, so I can transfer the artwork to web banners as well. I received some free business card samples from Purr Print in Queensland yesterday; they did a great job getting the colour right and had very quick delivery too. Definitely worth checking out if you are looking to print small amounts of marketing material.



One thought on “"Kaarroooomm!" (Fuel for Illustration Friday)

  1. Wonderful colors and drama! Something about it reminds me of Marc Chagall.

    Posted by Indigene | October 22, 2011, 7:35 am

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