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The World Afloat – Artwork Complete!

Hooray, the paintings for my picture book are complete! Here is a sneak peek at some of the spreads from The World Afloat. The next couple of weeks will be spent on digital clean-up and book layout. It will all be off to the printer by the end of October.

I used Adobe Kuler to develop the colour schemes for The World Afloat; an exercise to reign-in my muddy palette and develop mood through colour. It will be a relief to pack away the tubes of teal grey, gold oxide and yellow ochre. My focus over the next few weeks will be monochromatic pen and ink drawings for my next major project – a pair of hand-bound short stories, one set in the Middle East and the other in Antarctica. The illustrations will more mature in style than The World Afloat. I definitely need a break from yellow raincoats, blimps and cities on stilts.



2 thoughts on “The World Afloat – Artwork Complete!

  1. Holly…I LOVE the colours you have used, they really "suit" the story. Shanice can't wait to get her very own copy of your book..!!..the first of many children's books I hope as you are truly gifted..!!..you could keep writing about these characters to fill many books I am sure..??..WELL DONE…xoxo

    Posted by Anonymous | September 27, 2011, 1:58 pm
  2. Thanks Nicole, I have a sequel in my head called The High Seas set in Westralia (in the area that would have once been Darwin). The focus would be on tall ships, naval battles and Indochinese pirates. The main character would probably be a girl and the colours would be more tropical than this. She may cross paths with the characters from The World Afloat though, as they ended up in Westralia at the end of this book. Who knows if The High Seas will ever see the light of day – I need to finish this book first and improve my skills in writing for children!:-S

    Posted by Holly Cochrane | September 28, 2011, 12:08 am

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