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Sphinx Card

A new stationery experiment for the New Year. This Egyptian themed 3D card was made for a friend’s birthday. Like the Miss Florence card, this piece is made from cereal boxes and found objects. The green coloured card is cut from recycled hanging folders, the black paper comes from a takeaway catalogue and the “gems” were cut from costume jewellery. The only items that were purchased were the faux-ruby Christmas decoration and the gold ribbon (50 cents each from the Reject Shop on Boxing Day).

This card was far more challenging due to its triangular shape. The cereal box card is heavy enough to support the weight of the collage but only just flexible enough to fold in on itself; in the future, I may need to find something lighter so that more complex shapes are possible. When the inner sheet is pasted down there seems to be a tendency for the outer layer to bow as it dries, which in this case, caused the pyramid to open at the seams when the card is tied closed. A solution to this would be to tie the card on the long edge rather than the weak point at the top, or lay a wooden stick between the two layers to give each side some internal support.



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