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Robosphinx is an iron sphinx trying to escape his magnet foe. This was my first (and so far, last) attempt at animating a galloping cat! It came together very quickly – one day for the drawings and one day animating. I also mixed the music for this piece in Garage Band. This is a really fun character; I’d like to draw him again one day. I wonder what his voice sounds like? Metallic, I’d imagine.


The little jars below were used by the Egyptians to store the organs of the dead during the mummification process. They were prized by tomb raiders and seem to be a key component of any ancient Egyptian exhibit. The looters have taken there profession to the next level, as robosphinx attempts his escape down a conveyor belt coming out of a pyramid.

For studies of the four-legged run cycle, I recommend the reference sheets of Disney animator Preston Blair (1908–1995) from his bible Cartoon Animation (1994).



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