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Compression and Export

Had a few problems with “DVD”ing the project. The menu, compression and burning was a breeze and the DVD version looks great on the computer. However, I didn’t conform to the dratted safety zones for the animation itself. When played back on a plasma screen, the animation is cropped, and I expect this cropping will occur differently for each television screen. I tried rendering it out at 600 X 480 instead but the television just stretches it out anyway. I’ve worked around the problem by moving the Nellie_composed AVI back into After Effects and shrinking it to 80%, rendering it out with the black wings built into the film. This isn’t ideal but will suffice for the DVD version, which was only ever meant to be a container anyway. I will be rendering out a CD ROM version of the original animation at 100% which will be the primary playback medium. I expect that the traditional DVD player will only be a fall back, as most playback will occur on a computer screen (ie. on the web). For the purposes of submission, I will give in the deinterlaced DVD version at 80% and the CD ROM version at 100%. I’m assuming I am being assessed on the animation and not the container medium, as this portfolio piece was always intended to be available across multiple formats. I have run some web compressed versions with varying success and produced a small quicktime file which will be adequate for a portfolio website. I won’t submit this as the quality is quite low and really only suitable as a preview file. The final detail of the style doesn’t compress very well – the product will be better suited for a portfolio CD/REEL.



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