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Spent about four hours today working on slides and speech notes for the presentation next week. While I will show the final animation, I’m focusing on development processes and production breakdown. I took a fairly organized approach to the project which I believe has helped me come in ahead of schedule. I’ve stuck to the Gantt chart breakdown almost to the day, which means I estimated the hours involved reasonably well – I added buffers for mistakes and obviously I used these! If I ever produce an animation again I will definitely be using Jeff Lew’s concept of “Passes” which have been essential to tackling this project. I think the colour sequencing of shots also helped to get my head around all the different artwork sets and to gauge where my effort should be concentrated. I also discuss setbacks and gains in the presentation. Setbacks have largely been discussed throughout the blog but the gains are:

– Project Management
– After Effects 3D layers
– Camera manipulation
– Particle Engines
– Sound mixing
– Cutout Animation techniques
– Storyboarding

Considering I have never touched 3D, used particle engines, used a camera, or mixed sound, I have definitely learned a lot over the course of the project. It’s a bit disappointing I couldn’t take it to the next level using Maya but I guess you have to set some limits given the time restraints we are under. You also can’t be good at everything – I’ve really missed the boat with 3D and there is very little work in Australia anyway! Having spent so many hours in front of the computer, I’ve realized that animation is a field that can get totally out of hand for very little reward. If I ever work in this industry, it will be very important to set detailed schedules and time allocations, and learn to draw the line when enough is enough. The alternative is to never sleep or eat, which isn’t particularly appealing.



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