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Phase Three Corrections

Having watched the preview version of the animation too many times whilst mixing the sound, I noticed a few sections that needed improvement. I’ve gone back into the working files and made the following adjustments:

Red Sequence – timing correction on kite, colour correction, transition adjustment.
Aerial Shot – timing correction.
Credits Sequence – fade to black keyframe shifted forward
Grey Sequence – clouds re-animated, Nellie scarf nested animation extended, zoom now continues to fade down instead of pausing (will make for a smoother transition).
White Sequence – dropping Y axis of Ferry and whitewash layers on a number of keyframes, re-positioning of smoke engine.
Soundtrack – addition of wind tunnel sound effect, new train sounds added, toning down a number of sections, adding the elusive “clackity clack” sound which I finally found on a royalty free sound effects CD (borrowed from another student).

These changes have been made to the Premiere working file which is now ready for export! I’ve had some practice runs at exporting to DVD in my Sound and Video subject and I have discussed the animation with Ruben Hopmans and Mark Power as to which codecs/compression is suitable for the format. Because of the high level of line and colour detail very limited compresion will be use. I will export both an MPEG2 (for DVD) and a MOV for Internet playback, as specified in the early documentation. Another post soon on the results.



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