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DVD Output

I only have sound and output to go. I don’t have access to the MAC lab sound programs (Garage Band and Soundtrack Pro) until Thursday 15th – I’m coming in for a good half day to complete the entire soundtrack. I have outputted a highly compressed version of the animation as a MAC compatible .MOV file to use as a guide to sync the sound. This saves me having to transfer the huge file via USB onto the MAC computer and back again. I’ve written down timecodes for important moments (such as the train brakes or balloon burn start) just in case I have compatibility problems. I will attach the audio file to the 4GIG uncompressed version. To make the most of time between now and Thursday, I’ve gone ahead and imported the menu into Adobe Encore and started setting up for output. The menu buttons had to be converted to the encore naming conventions but it was a painless process and everything appears to be working well.

I’ve also slapped together a DVD cover so it doesn’t get lost on the pile of projects. Packaging and the like isn’t really a top priority given this is a folio piece and not a commerical development project. I’ve no client to wow with my cover design skills! Those very earlier 300 dpi scans have come in handy afterall. I found a lot of these vintage images of balloons, boats, trams and trains in an out-of-print travel book in the graphic design studio at Dept of Premier and Cabinet, where I worked over the summer holidays. I’m annoyed I didn’t take down the title (or that I didn’t ask to take it with me!) because likely its gathering dust in a corner somewhere and won’t be opened for the next twenty years.



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