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Premiere Compositing

I’ve strung the animation together in Adobe Premiere Pro with very little hassel. I know the uni is an advocate for Final Cut Pro but Premiere has always suited me just fine. I had to go back into the source files and add more padding and adjust some of the transitions but overall it clips together very well. It comes to 2 min 24 sec, which leaves a nice 6 seconds for the end credit shot and fade out to black. I didn’t expect it to hit the 30 second mark and almost presumed it would be over 3 minutes long. The uncompressed AVI is 4.2 GIG (minus the audio track) which suits a DVD just fine. I’ll do some compression tests once I have audio in.

So its all coming together pretty quickly. I just have to complete the soundtrack, the credit shot and get the play menu up and running in Adobe Encore.

The end is in sight!



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