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Misbehaving Smoke!

The only real glitch I had during phase two was rendering the smoke on the final Landing shot. For whatever reason, I couldn’t get the particle engine to slow down. Even when I set velocity to O or a negative value smoke still poured out of the emitter. It was like velocity factor was in fast forward and no amount of parameter toggling could convince it otherwise. I wanted something like the cigarette smoke I made earlier, but even when I replicated these values it still looked too quick. I completed further research on the psychics parameters of Particular, as well as Velocity settings for the emitter, on various forums and the Trapcode website. I found the following tutorial’s discussion of physics and velocity quite useful: http://www.graymachine.com/tutorials/logo2smoke.html

Thanks to this tutorial video, I also found a little toggle in the options tab that allows you to set the “Pre-Run” of the engine prior to the first frame – I ramped this up to 120% and found that having smoke already on screen before Frame 1 helped to dilute awareness of the smoke velocity. I managed to fake the slowness using a combination of air-resistance, gravity and a 4D perlin noise fractal that simulates turbulence.



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