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Animation: Shot 1 – 2

The story begins in media res…and somehow the opening scene has wound up being the hardest shot of the whole animation! If this really doesn’t work I may have to slot these shots back where they belong and start on the train leaving Paris instead! This was really tricky work, especially from an effects perspective. The shots involved the burning balloon and smoke billowing bi-directionally from the source due to a strong wind current. I’ve managed to work the shot into something passable but some secondary animation is needed on Nellie as she looks a bit static compared to all the movement around her. I think the shot will improve dramatically once I get some cloud effects in there as they will add a greater sense of depth. A lot of thought had to go into the environmental elements playing on the scene, such as the wind and height from the ground. This was audience tested to death and I managed to get some good critique to improve upon the shot. Ground plates were key framed as well as a 3D camera, which made it a time intensive thing. It needs a bit of work but it is getting there!



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