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Phase One Animation

Phase one of animation is well underway. This is the first pass, so timing is a little clunky. The purpose is to get everything in and moving, with keyframes and secondary animation to be completed in phase two. The first task was getting everything organised. To be honest, I have no file naming skills and there was hundreds of pieces of artwork all over the place. I spent over an hour seperating graphics into folders dilineated by shots (sequences are far too long to be any good as a sorting class). I then compiled initial after effects working files for each shot, loading in the required graphics for each. For here on in, I should only have to go into photoshop if there is something that looks drastically wrong. So far so good – doing stills for every shot helped eliminate any problems such as messy layer edges and transparency problems. Having everything preloaded into after effects has really helped with work efficiency. On the first day of animation, I managed to get 90% of grey sequence finished, 100% of green/blue sequence and 100% of yellow sequence. This is right on track for a three day phase one period. These involve some preliminary effects but most partial work will happen at a later stage.

I also spent some time researching Victorian imagery again. I’m thinking ahead to the DVD menu, which will likely involve some kind of collage of Victorian illustrations. I’m also hunting for illustrations to use in the animation itself, as seen through the carriage window. So far I have a picture for Egypt, Italy and Paris, so I need a few more in a similiar style. It’s harder to find quality images than you would think.

I hit the jackpot with the Mid Victorian Database, but unfortunately there isn’t much in the way of country specific travel imagery:

For the DVD Menu, the following source of “funny images” will be useful, intermixed with more specific cartoons of Nellie Bly:



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