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Full colour storyboarding

I’ve completed a full colour comic using some of the artwork from Around The World for the Creating Narrative In Multimedia unit. The comic is based off the original black and white storyboards, but has been rearranged and reinvented for the project. It also involved creating new images and some additonal research into Nellie’s newspaper The New York World. While this project isn’t a studio assignment it has tied in quite well with the animation. The DVD menu will be produced using this collage style newspaper format and it also helped to create a sense of pacing, not to mention seeing all the artwork together for the first time. As smoke and flame in AE is still a little way off (another post to follow shortly on this) I had to paint these digitally into the comic. If it comes to crunch and I can’t get a particle engine to render the smoke and flame, at least the comic provided a test run as to how I can achieve a decent effect using regular photoshop brushes. I’ve realised that the style of the artwork for Around The World lets me get away with less-than-realistic smoke. That said, the whole purpose of the project from a technological standpoint is to bring myself up to speed with AE CS3, so I would like to produce the effects with a particle plugin. The comic also finalised my decison regarding the train carriage window sequence – I will use 19th century illustrations of famous landmarks as the photography approuch is too jarring on the eye (even when I do run some photoshop filters over the top).



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