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Artwork Rendering – Day Four

The train and passenger carriage have been completed for yellow sequence, including finished animation. This was more time intensive than I expected as the scanned blueprint required a lot of clean up work and I had to restructure all the wheels and undercarriage. The wheels in the original vintage image are only about 1/4 visible so I had to make the rest up. I also gave some colour saturations so that it didn’t look so raw. The animation itself was a bit of a brain strain as I had to really think about the wheel boom and animate piece by piece. I added a wheel offset and bit of a bounce because the animation was too smooth and it gave a good imitation of the Japanese bullet train! I researched steam train videos to get an idea for movement (ie. larger wheels rotate at half speed compared to smaller wheels). I broke the original into layers to create shadows and depth. I also had a bit of a problem with the wheels on the tender as these graphics were not perfectly round. This created an unusual bouncing effect which took me a long time to figure out…shave off a few pixel rows and it was back to normal, thank god for auto update between photoshop and AE! The compression on the train test came out okay and I’ve realised now where the problems lie – with those horrid 3D layer effects on all my previous renders. Lesson learnt is to minimalise the use of 3D Layers as much as possible and only use them for the fly throughs. In most instances the 3D effects can be faked with layering and opacity levels. I only have the China city pieces and the platform to render and then all artwork will be complete!



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