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Artwork Rendering – Day One

Today was the first of my “art stint” – five days dedicated to getting functional artwork happening for the animation. A lot of detailing such as secondary animation will happen at pass two, assuming I have time! Today I focused on the grey and yellow sequences, as well as completing all the nellie sketches required for the entire piece (as it currently stands). I completed the Nellie works on an off white paper so create a vintage feel, but it came back to bite me when I scanned them in as it was very hard to pull out the background from the character. I ended up using the stylus with the eraser on, tracing around all the fine lines. It was time consuming but the effort was worth it, as the png versions look quite good and the sketchy lines means they will intergrate well with the backdrop. I had a bit of difficulty doing the “collapsing balloon” keyframes with tempremental crepe paper and may have to go back and do these again – either that or rely on digital for this part. For far I seem to be using about half traditional, half digital for the art. The “3D” effect is coming along smoothly, with Nellie’s lace integrating really well into the 2D sketch. I’m basically comfortable with progress so far. I’m going to tackle the two difficult sequences – the train window and Chinatown- later today (once I actually go to bed), so I might have torn my hair out by then. I did some serious planning for these sequences today trying to imagine the 3D layers in my head, but it will still be a bit hit or miss. I don’t expect to get either finished in a day. Considering this is all a bit experimental I’m reasonably happy with the way it is coming along – my only concern will be that the animation itself will be too jerky for such detailed imagery, however, I can probably compensate with some camera movement and not worry too much about realism for now.



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