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Documentation and Final Resolutions

The past week has been largely dedicated to producing the documentation for the project. I laid the entire copy in InDesign – brings back memories of working on Holden Engine Operations newsletters. I had a lot of fun with newsprint typography. Initially I downloaded an image font, which looked great, but which drove me batty, as the resolution was too low for print. How dumb going to all the effort scanning all those ransom letters, only to put it up on the net at 72 dpi! Stupid! Eventually I found a free font called Old Newspaper, which I can probably use for the animation dialogue as well. I made good time on the documentation compared to the concurrent document I’m producing for Sound and Video Studio. It was actually quite easy to get this project all down on the page. I guess it is all up there in my head and I just needed to make the time to write it all out. It also helps being a solo practitioner, as I don’t have to argue it out or delegate workloads. The only issue I really had with documentation was getting my head around resolution sizes. Because this product should play on the web but also on DVD, it is hard to decide what size to begin at. After consulting with Mark and Ruben, I’m going with the standard DVD resolution, even though this is so small it hurts my feelings…it is quite depressing reducing a 300 dpi 30x 40cm collage down to 72 dpi 720 X 576 pixels.



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