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Mock Artwork – Blue Sequence

The following artwork gives a rough idea for the collage style I will be using. The wave sequence probably isn’t the best example, as it relies a lot more on crepe paper than many of the other sequences. This took about an hour and a half, which is a good sign that the 20 odd shots planned in the storyboards are achievable in the time frame specified. I had great fun with this. There is a significant amount of “layer” under the frame, so that when you rotate the large wave it appears to be crashing down upon the balloon. I’ve also learn that the back plate and foreground plates need to extend well outside the frame if I want to animate motion into the layers. Global lighting also did not work so well on this – the balloon required lighting in one direction, while the wave layers required it in another. I couldn’t create the deep shadows I wanted in the water layers because global light is coming from 2.00pm (sun at NE). For the real thing I will take this into account and plan it better. The photograph elements, such as the boat, will also be better integrated using filters in Photoshop. Overall, I’m pretty happy with it, but I understand the hard part is going to be animating all those extra layers, like whitewash and fog, and then battling After Effects to make it look great. Still, I am challenging myself, and this will be a huge learning curve, which is what counts in the end.


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