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Final Conceptual Plan

Now that I’ve selected the software, I’m starting documentation. The executive summary is based off the original conceptual plan I submitted. Not finding it too difficult as the idea is strongly conceptualised, and it is just a matter of getting everything down and official.

Around The World will be a collage-style animation which is 2 minutes long. The project is designed to be a personal folio piece. I will be compiling a self-promotional reel and portfolio website over the midyear break in preparation for graduate employment – Around the World will be the primary example of motion graphics work. The topic of the animation will be the world trip of journalist Nellie Bly in the late 1880s. Nellie circumnavigated the globe in 72 days in a publicity stunt designed to best the record set in the Jules Verne’s novel Around the World in 80 Days. The animation will be designed for general exhibition however the style and story will be of particular interest to the 12-17 year old age group.

While the animation is story-driven, the primary purpose is visual experimentation. The colourful animated elements will be constructed using a mix of traditional and digital media including cut paper, paint, crepe paper, vintage prints, photography, and illustrations produced with an electronic stylus. In order to give an illusion of depth the elements will be layered and shadowed to simulate paper-tole artwork. The animation will be designed in a style reminiscent of Melbourne artists Shaun Tan (children’s book illustrator) and Anthony Lucas (award-winning animator). Newsprint will be used for captioned dialogue in keeping with the 1880s theme and the professional occupation of the protagonist. Around the World will be a fast-paced animation heavily reliant on fly-throughs and will be timed to an upbeat soundtrack.

Adobe After Effects CS3 2008 will be used to compile the animation. This software has been used to produce popular collage animations Blue’s Clues and Angela Anaconda. Additional third party software including Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop (CS3 versions) will be used for content development. Audio, text and graphics will be original content created by the developer, with supplementary material to include royalty-free sound compositions and vintage illustrations and photography. Every effort will be made to exclude copyrighted material from the collage pieces and the original artists will be credited where possible.



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