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Documentation Design

Had a great idea for documentation design yesterday. I have a bunch of vintage-style postcards which I purchased when I travelled around Europe in 2006. Instead of offering up a bound book documenting the project I could provide the information on the back of oversized postcards, with vintage images printed on the back. The Gantt Chart and budget could be placed in a handmade oversized envelope sealed with a little hot air balloon tab. The two parts could be roped together with a ribbon in one corner or placed in some sort of old box. It is possible to gut an old book and put all the bits inside, but I think I would be hard pressed finding a book large enough (the postcards would be just under A4 size as I will treat it as a normal InDesign project prior to printing). For the cover I would like to do something as per this design for a preschool program. They have a little door on a blank field that opens to reveil an image beneath. It is like a porthole to a world and is a nice clean design.



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