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Alternative Styles

I’ve been looking into alternative options for stylisation. The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morrello is a 26 minute long cut-out/3D hybrid which utilises silhouettes. The work reminds me of one of my favourite stencil-style animators, Lotte Reiniger, who produced the Adventures of Prince Achmed. There are similiarities between Morrello and what I have planned as they are both set in a Victorian-esque landscape and have a travelling theme, though admittedly the feature is gothic and revolting in parts. Nellie’s story is more upbeat and adventurous, perfectly designed for a kid’s bedtime story, so if I went it will have to have warm colours and a positive bouncy score. I also watched Paris 2054, which uses roto-scoping techniques, but really hated the look and found the whole thing so depressing I didn’t even get to the end. Some sort of hybrid or collage style animation is definitely on the cards instead.

The motion graphic sequence used for Carnivale is a great example of producing depth without going for the whole-hogged 3D look. After watching this it seems technically feasible and is much more appealing on the eye. It is unlikely I could produce something unique if I went for a pure 3D approach.

I’m thinking of harking back to a style I have of previously used in my illustration work, which makes use of a paper-tole. I painted the fairies image below about two years ago (it rests about 10cm deep in total). The fish example was pinched from a paper-tole website. Handmade artwork, vintage photos and digital images produced with a stylus can easily be integrated in Photoshop and the layers animated/shaded separately to create an illusion of depth. This would create something that has depth, without all the terror of 3D.



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