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Bringing Myself Up to Speed

3D – not so joyful! I’ve been in the Maya environment before but it was still a shock to the system. I went through the in-built Maya tutorials for three hours and built the silly temple in hot pink. Its fine working off instructions but what happens when you have to think for yourself? I’m not going to post that experiment, it will make your eyes bleed. To give myself a pep talk I watched 4 continuous hours of 3D Character Animation with Jeff Lew. Awww Jeff, you make it look so easy and give me false hope! Needless to say after watching an additional two hours of Digital Tutor DVDs on character binding my brain was almost fried and I was no closer to producing something half passable in Maya without a tutorial to guide me. The fact of the matter is you need a huge time investment to move beyond the basics to the wow factor, and time is something I don’t have. In our Sound and Video Studio Mark made a good point when he said that we judge all films against cinema quality outputs and that a half-second shake or blur will stand out like a sore thumb. Same goes for 3D animation. There is a great little 3D story I came across recently called Kiwi! which is produced by an American student. The lack of textures is blindingly obvious throughout the entire clip, detracting from the carefully paced story. Curse Sir Shrek and little Nemo for setting such a high standard! I have joined the 3D Group on Thursdays but somehow I think this is beating a dead horse with a stick. I think I’m capable of learning these programs but progress will be too slow for the project at hand.



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